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For the wet bonding of films please don't forget mounting concentrate
for matching product
Self-adhesive anti-graffiti film, crystal-clear and strippable. Smears like Edding or paint are washable. For securing shop windows, bus stops, busses, railways and display cabinets. Unsusceptible to touch, easy to clean and splinter-retaining. If required, the film is stripped off the glass pane after damage and replaced by a new one.
Gluing tools are included in the shipment free of charge. Please order mounting concentrate separately. In order to avoid discolouration by the glue on the adhesive side of the film
If you require a free-of-charge film sample for inspection, please send us an e-mail.
Sticking on film on windows and doors is much easier if you deduce 5 mm in width and height from the dimensions measured from rubber to rubber and indicate the resulting dimensions for the blank cuts. The film will then have a clearance of 2.5 mm from the rubber or silicone joint surrounding the film surface.
NOTE: The shipping charges include freight cost and film packaging ! Entire rolls are excluded from free-of-charge blank cut
Technical data
roll: max. 152,0 cm x 30.5 m
Total shielding of solar energy 14% Light transmittance visible light 86%
Reflection of visible light intside 13% uv-protection 96%
Total reflected solar energy 9% Total transmitted solar energy 80%
total absorbed solar energy 11% shading coeffizient 0.98
Thickness 100µ
manufacturers warranty
application indoors, 3-5 years application outdoors, 1-2 years vertical

(Suitable for thermal insulation glass.)
Assembly instructions
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