Cechy naszych folii

Our premium films have been manufactured by means of the sputtering process. The sputtering technology is a process, in which metals are shot at with argon atoms in a high vacuum. In this process individual metal atoms are struck out of the surface of the metal and accelerated in an electro-magnetic field in the direction of the film. The metal atoms penetrate deeply into the polyester film and settle as a homogeneous metallization having a constant layer depth. By this means a durable and qualitatively high-grade surface is obtained. + Permanent amalgamation of the metal layer and the carrier film + Detachment or fractures of the metal layer are not possible + Absolutely homogeneous layer structure + Best optical quality

SCRATCH RESISTANCE: The film surfaces are resistant to scratching. Our films are covered with what is called hardcoat on the outermost layer. Since this hoghly transparent acrylic layer is harder than the PET basis materila, the film is given these scratch resistant qualities. For this reason our films withstand the influences of normal cleaning (effect wet cleaning only!) as well as such of appropriate mounting. At this point we emphasize that these synthetic surfaces in no case attain the hardness of glass and can be destroyed by mechanical influences.

FURTHER QUALITIES: + high temperature resistance + very good adhesive properties + excellent drying behaviour + Long service life + 99% UV-protection (sunscreen films) + arising heat of absorption is very low (in sunscreen films) + best optical quality + homogeneous layer structure = our window films are absolute high-performance products.

Please note that all films offered in our shop should either be rolled out or stuck down within 3 days from receipt, in order to avoid undesired curvatures or ablation of the protective film. This in particular applies to all films having a thickness exceeding 100µ, such as security films.