In 1993 Marcus Noell (master glazier) established the company Cutting-Crew in Recklinghausen. The company manufactured computer cut sandjet patterns for glazier's shops and glass processing companies. Sandblasted films had been manufactured according to templates, rolled goods and bulk stock had been delivered nationwide and abroad to German speaking countries. Over a period of many years, Marcus Noell has developed a couple of hundred glass decors and sandjet patterns, which still belong, until this very day, to the line of production of the current company "IFOHA". In 1999 the company started to complement their range with self adhesive window films. The array of products today include sun protection films, concealed protection films, ultraviolet protection films, safety films, special films, decorative windowfilm, automotive films etc.

The technical know-how of the company's founder, Marcus Noell, regarding to flat glass and mirrors in combination with self adhesive window films played a significant role to IFOHA's success. Meanwhile, IFOHA developed a clientele of more than 50.000 satisfied customers.

IFOHA in Isselburg today employs 10 staff members and 1 sales executives. By the end of 2004 they launched a website for the online trade with window films of every description.