Wazne wskazówki do folii ochronnych

Spy mirror film - the sneaky camouflage

Camouflage and solar protection combined. This self-adhesive spying mirror/solar protection film protects you from curious glazes and prevents greenhouse temperatures from arising. Thanks to the strongly metallized sides what is called reflective specs effect is brought about. The viewer can look outside, but nobody can look inside. The prerequisite for this is that it must be brighter on the camouflaged side than on the side from which the viewer wants to look outside. (On the image on the left-hand side the outer side is brighter than the interior room and thus the latter cannot be seen from the outside!)

This spying mirror/solar protection film protects from direct solar irradiation, excessive thermal input and intense UV radiation. Thus a balanced indoor temperature is maintained in summer. The film surface is non-sensitive to scratching and easy to clean. Suited for almost all glass surfaces such as winter gardens, production halls, offices, private houses, shop windows etc. Please also read our FAQ! (See link FAQ on the lower screen edge). We would be pleased to send you a film sample for test purposes free of charge.

Free glueing tools. Recommended glass types: float glass, single glazing, toughened safety glass, insulating glass.

Please also take note of our reusable solar protection film (DIAMANT SOLARA), which in winter is simply removed and rolled up. It also offers visual protection from the outside, 91% of solar protection and is easy to apply on the glass or, as an option, on the frame by means of Velcro fasteners. (Article: 1201900)