Wazne wskazówki do folii przeciwslonecznych

Please note: For sticking on the film on solar blind or thermal protection insulation glass (double-glazing), we recommend to use solar protection films for outdoor use in order to avoid spontaneous fracturing of the glass. In the case of standard insulating glass (K-value of 3.0 without factory-made sputtering) or single glazing, solar protection film for indoor application can be used. Insulating films such as films for protection against cold must not be stuck onto the inside of functional insulating glass (having a K-value of <= 3.0 W/m²K) !

Hint: In order to find out whether it is thermal protection glazing, please hold a cigarette lighter from the inside in front of the insulating glass pane. If one flame of the copies mirrored in the glass has a different colour than the others, it is thermal protection glass.

Note on this subject: This film prevents looks from inside towards the outside as long as it is darker inside than outside. All solar protection and UV protection films have an outdoor lifetime of 8-10 years, in the indoor area of up to 18 years. This film can be removed without leaving residues. Please heed our notes and hints (see category: accessories). This film can also be removed without leaving residues. For this purpose heat the film by means of an industrial or hair dryer and then strip it off. Or detach the film with the help of our glass cleaning concentrate. Explanation: cf. category accessories.